Halden Kulturråd’s aims and objectives

Halden Cultural Council aims to bring together as many cultural practitioners and voluntary cultural workers as possible in a joint organization – a local cultural network.

The Halden Cultural Council shall be the common mouthpiece of cultural life vis-à-vis politicians, public authorities and cultural life organisations.

Halden Culture Council shall work for the best possible framework conditions for professional and voluntary cultural work in Halden.

Halden Culture Council has a further goal of becoming a hub for the various cultural branches.

What other goals does Halden Kulturråd have?

Be the common denominator for cultural life and a collaborative partner for Halden Municipality when a new cultural plan is to be discussed and presented.

Arrange courses for cultural life

Contribute to cultural events being promoted

Ensure that important messages, e.g. from the public sector can be distributed quickly among the members of the Halden Cultural Council

At all times have an updated website with useful information for cultural life

Who can become a member of the Halden Cultural Council?

All individuals, associations, teams, groups, clubs, corps, choirs, bands, organizations, institutions, etc. with business and interest in culture can become members. The only requirement we make is that the member has residence, and or connection to Halden.

What does it cost to be a member?
For an individual member: NOK 150 For an organisation/group of more than 5 members: NOK 450

Why become a member of the Halden Culture Council?
The Halden Cultural Council shall function as a cultural network for the benefit of Halden municipality, the Cultural Council’s board and for each individual member of the network.

We have created a membership registry to:

Document quantity and breadth within Halden’s culture
Collect useful data in the mapping of the needs of cultural life
Produce statistics for the municipality’s politicians and administration
Use the register as an information channel