Environmental agents Halden

Picture: The environmental agents

Miljøagentene is the children’s environmental protection organization and has over 10,000 members and several local teams throughout Norway. In Miljøagentene, it is the children who decide.

The local teams in the Environmental Agents come up with many fun activities. For example, some arrange birdcage workshops, beach clean-ups and swap and fix parties. Some make shopping nets, grow vegetables in the kitchen garden or make a home for the bees. Several local teams like to go on trips in the forest, to a museum or an aquarium. Maybe you want to write a letter to the local newspaper, meet a politician or do secret environmental missions?

Do you want to take part in this or something else that is good for the environment? Register with the Environmental Agents. As a member, you receive the Environmental Agent Report 5 times a year. If there is a local team where you live, you will automatically be registered in the local team and receive information about what is happening. If there is no local team near you, we will help you start a new one if you wish.

Register here: https://miljoagentene.no/bli-miljoagent/

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