Fossekallen scout group

Photo: Heidi Lunde

Fossekallen scout group, the troop (scouts aged 10-16) is an active scout troop that enjoys the outdoors and is out a lot. We are keen to see all the Scouts, despite diagnoses etc.
We work towards developing our scouts into good, responsible, caring and cooperative members of the troop and our society.
We are looking for a squad leader who likes the same things as us and is concerned with equality.

Fossekallen scout group was started on 25 March 1980 by Jan and Unni Lunde. Jan has been a scout himself since 1954 and started the Fossekallen scout group. Unni became very active eventually. The Fossekallen scout group troupe is an active troop with outdoor meetings, trips, competitions, participation in National Championships and camps on the programme. We have been to Svalbard and to most country camps. We have 4 patrols in the platoon and they are led by 1 patrol leader and 1 assistant with help from the platoon leader. We are visible in the urban environment both at Christmas time when we stand fire watch for 5 days and on 17 May when we are responsible for the flag castle on Rødsfjellet and the flag castle in the children’s train. We also have a clean-up before 17 May in our local environment. We have most of our Scout meetings outside. Here, the emphasis is on outdoor life, cooperation, friendship and follow-up of the Scout programme. Paragraph 4 of the Scouting Act is an important element in scouting in the troop: A scout is a good friend.

We also have a great scout room at Flateby in Tistedal. Our scout group is concerned with taking care of both young and old, we try to secure the time they have with us at scout meetings, trips out, cabin trips, camps and competitions and are concerned that they have such a great upbringing as scouts we can manage to give them. We are simply present.

We are looking for a squad leader who likes the same things as us and is concerned with equality.

Contact information
Flatebyveien 5, 1792 Tistedal