Gjellestad viking team

Photo: Trade in Halden (Handel i Halden)

We are a local Viking team that started in winter 2020 to be a social community for Viking Age enthusiasts of all ages.
We meet regularly to engage in needlework and crafts from the Viking Age, and we engage in reenactment/historical communication about the Viking Age at markets and other local, public events.

The Gjellestad viking team was founded in the wake of the discovery of the Gjellestad ship. We thought it was high time that Halden got its own Viking team for those of us who are particularly interested in the Viking Age and want to learn more about the Vikings’ way of life.

We have 12 members with various areas of interest such as woodcarving, furniture making, needle binding, sewing, leatherwork, the history and beliefs of the Viking Age, cooking and piece weaving. We share our knowledge and learn from each other, and we work together to make different things for common use and things that we sell to generate income for the team.

We meet two to four times a month in the tresløydsalen at Hjortsberg school or at the Kulturhuset (depending on the type of activity we are involved in) for pleasant company and to share our common interest in the Viking Age. We make our own Viking clothes, furniture and other things that we need for the reenactment. In addition, we make handiwork and craft products that we sell at markets and local events. We participate in Viking markets in the summer and spend the rest of the year getting everything ready for this.

We would like to have more members, and if you are interested in something we do or want to contribute with your knowledge, you can contact us on Facebook, email or phone.

Contact information
B R A Veien 67, 1784 Halden, Norway