Halden Skolemusikkorps

Halden Skolemusikkorps is a band that practices at Hjortsberg School in Halden and has around 50 musicians between the ages of 8 and 19.

Halden Skolemusikkorps is a janissary band and has woodwind instruments, brass instruments and percussion. Every Thursday there is trap practice at Hjortsberg school and in addition to this, each musician receives individual lessons with an instructor on their instrument.

We play all kinds of music and have exciting concerts throughout the year, both alone and with others. Every summer we go on a summer trip.

In the first year in the corps, you are an aspirant before you move on to the recruits. Those who have played the longest play in the senior corps.

We warmly welcome new aspirants, so just get in touch if anyone is interested.

Contact information
B R A Veien 67, 1784 Halden